Bandhavgarh Wildlife Sanctuary – Amazing Facts You Should Know

If wildlife pushes your Adrenaline amount into high gear, see the enchanting Bandhavgarh wildlife refuge in Madhya Pradesh. It is found in the Umaria district and is known for tigers, leopards and a lot of other wildlife species. The most propitious time to see this destination is from November to June. Sprawling over an area of 437 sq km, it attracts wildlife lovers from throughout the planet. It is surrounded by the Vindhyan mountains ranges that make it seem picturesque. It is one of the famous wildlife sanctuaries of India. The gorgeous wooded slopes of the park catch one’s heart. Bandhavgarh is also one of the renowned National Parks of India. Compared to other wildlife destinations in the nation, this Park has quite good population of creatures. The Park was established in 1968 and it got the name of a Tiger Reserve in the year 1993. It is the highest number of tigers in the country.

It is also known as the White Tiger Jungle as a White tiger was first found here. Elephant safari is one of the most fascinating methods of exploring this refuge. Additionally, it promises good odds of sighting the royal Bengal tiger. Elephant safari in Bandhavgarh is organized only in the morning time. You may even decide on a jeep safari which is coordinated in the morning to evening. Some of the other wildlife species found here are nilgai, bison, chinkara, chital, langur, monkey, wild boar, chausingha, muntjac and jackals. The Park boasts of over 250 bird species, including some migratory birds also. Some of these striking birds sighted here are lower adjutants, bee-eaters, lesser adjutant stork, crested serpent eagle, lesser whistling teal, blossom headed parakeet, wood shrikes, white-breasted kingfisher, paradise flycatchers, red wattled lapwing and a lot more. The vegetation of this sanctuary mainly includes Sal trees and Bamboo. There are three main kinds of Indian Ocean tiger, elephant and camel.

tiger safari

bandhavgarh safari is especially recognized for White Tigers of Rewathat. Situated in Madhya Pradesh, the park offers different sorts of safaris, such as jeep safaris, elephant safaris and most interestingly safaris. Tiger safaris tours are undoubtedly the most common among tourists, mainly since spotting a big cat in the wild is now a treasured experience. Elephants play an essential part too, providing a special form of transportation and spectacular sight to behold. It is the oldest fort of India with a history of 2500 years old. The fort lands the endangered species of vulture. According to the regional tales this fort was built by the ruler of Gond Empire. To conclude, visiting India unlocks a door to a completely different sort of safari experience and Safari tours in India. Quite unlike anything Africa offers, India provides a magical experience for those looking for rocky landscapes and wild animals.