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Cops Risk Their Life And Even Their Family

Not every South Indian film depicting an inspector is about fighting the goons. There are some films where the Inspector fights the goons to protect the citizens and protect his own family and society at large. If you want to watch Telugu movies online about cops but with a twist in the story, you should download the best Telugu platform and stream the film Policeodu at your convenience.

Policeodu, also known as Theri, was a blockbuster film that had been able to break the record of the box office collection of the film Robot for the first week. The film was widely acclaimed because of its action-thriller plot and because it featured the superstar Vijay as Vijay Kumar, aka Joseph Kuruvilla. Atlee directed the film, and Kalaipuli S Thanu produced it. Atlee and S Raman Girivasan wrote the film. The music in the film produced by G. V. Prakash Kumar was super hit, and it was the cinematography. George C. Williams handled it.

The film featured other actors like Samantha Akkineni as Mithra, Amy Jackson as Annie, Baby Nainika as young Nivi, DivyaSaasha as teenager Nivi, J. Mahendran as Vanamaamalai, Radhika Sarathkumar as Vijay Kumar’s mother, Rajendran as Rajendran, KaaliVenkat as Ganesha and many others. You should watch movies online like There or Policeodu to search for a good plot with excellent actors and some thrilling and fighting scenes.

The film starts with Joseph Kuruvilla, who is living in Kerala with his daughter Nivi very happily. He runs a bakery with Rajendran, and he has made a deep friendship with Nivi’s class teacher Annie. However, he finds himself in a conflict with some local gangsters, and that is when Annie finds out about Joseph’s past. When confronted with Annie, Joseph reveals that he is none other than the late DCP Vijay Kumar IPS. He tells about his story and how he came about Kerala with his daughter but asked Annie to keep this a secret from Nivi.

The viewers are taken back to 5 years ago when Vijay Kumar was DCP in Chennai. He was a very upright policeman who took the rape and suspected murder of Raji, an IT employee. He finds out that the Labor Minister Vanamaamalai’s son, Ashwin, is the rapist and the murderer during the case. Unable to get Raji justice, he kills Ashwin and informs Vanamamalai about it, who takes an oath to take revenge upon Vijay for killing his son. Vijay loses his family in one night; however, he can save his daughter. He had taken a solemn oath to withdraw from his police life and live with her somewhere she will be safe from Vanamamalai, and thus, he keeps Rajendran on parole. However, one-day, Nivi is attacked, and that is when Vijay takes charge of getting rid of Vanamamalai completely.