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Our goal at hogstoppers is to help landowners deal with their wild pig problems.  Send us an email to learn how we can help you with wild hog control.  We know we can't solve everyones wild pig problem, so we are providing any help we can with hog control.  If not through us then, through someone else.  There are millions of wild pigs in the U.S. and we aim to provide a service and forum dedicated to help facilitate their removal.  

Our pricing is set low to make effective hog control possible.  We do incur expenses through dog training, gas, food, equipment, website operations and more.  In order to provide a professional service, we must at least cover these cost.

Please visit our FAQ to see answers to some of the common questions about hog control.  Feel free to send us your own.  Also don't forget to visit the Photo Gallery to see pictures from our hunts.  Although we don't typically lug a camera around we do try to take an occassional photo.  If you have photos of hogs or hog damage and would like them to be displayed, please email them to us.

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Dogs Baying a Wild Pig
Video by Richard on a 1500 Acre Wild Hog Removal Project Near Mason, Texas
The following videos are not high quality but will give you an idea of what we do and how the dogs work to bay wild pigs.  If you are having troubles, please get the latest version of flash player or media player.
Some facts about our dogs and the wild pigs they encounter
Our dogs are both "catch" dogs and "bay" dogs.  Other than initial training they are not specifically pushed either way.  We found that it is better to let their natural instincts tell them what to do in each situation.  This method has been safer for the dogs and has resulted in very few lost pigs.  If a wild pig is backed up to a brush tunnel or thicket, the dogs will almost always choose to bay them.  If the wild pig is out in the open, the dogs will catch it most of the time. 

Even when the dogs have bayed a wild hog, we are able to walk right up to the pig and dispatch it.  Their focus is only on the dogs, and as long as we don't approach too fast or speak to the dogs, the feral pig will never notice(I recently found that a fluorescent yellow shirt is an exception to this rule).  Also, Russian Boars can be quite different to deal with than your typical feral hog.  Approaching a Russian Boar head on that is bayed, will most definitely initiate an explosive charge.  They will do the opposite of the feral pig and focus solely on you.

I have had several people e-mail about the Border Collie in the picture section.  She has gone on hunts with us since she was about 8 weeks old.  She used to be just my sidekick and only got in to help bay the hogs.  She now has proved herself as a quality hog dog.  She will bay, catch and find pigs on her own or with the other dogs.  She will stay on a big sow or boar's heels until he decides to stop.  We always know which direction to go, because she lets out a yelp as she runs on their tail.  She is lighting fast and instinctively knows how to handle big animals without getting hurt.

Other than one minor injury, the dogs have never been hurt when hunting feral pigs.  This may be because we have never pushed them past their naturally ability or comfort zone.  The dogs have never been on a canned hunt or in a controlled environment to train with wild hogs.  They have developed slowly and use their own styles and methods that work best for them.  After all, they are the real hunting experts.
Dogs Baying a Wild Pig
Video by Richard on a 2000 Acre Wild Hog Removal Project Near Doss, Texas
Dogs Baying a Wild Boar
Video by Darrell on a 2000 Acre Wild Hog Removal Project Near Doss, Texas