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Picture of Darrell & father in Texas with a wild boar.  He had a bad habit of not repairing his divots.  The golfers wanted him gone.
Picture of Big Sow killed in Texas by Rich.
Darrell w/pig Hill Country area in Texas.  Wild hog Removal.
Got Bullets? Actually the gun broke.  Bad timing with 8 hogs running around.  Richard still managed to get one big one and a smaller one out of the deal though.
Wild Pig Near Marble Falls, Tx bayed by Ben and shot by Darrell
Two pigs shot S. of Mason, TX
Erosion caused by wild pig rooting followed by rain.
Note:  If you have a wild pig repellent or deterrent that has been proven to work, let us know and we could work together to provide some relief for small acreage landowners.

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Our goal at hogstoppers is to help landowners deal with their wild pig problems.  Send us an email to find out how we can help you with hog control.  We know we can't solve everyones wild pig problem, so we are providing any help we can with hog control.  If not through us then, through someone else.  There are millions of wild pigs in the United States and we aim to provide a service and forum dedicated to help facilitate their removal.  

Our pricing is set low to make effective hog control possible.  We do incur expenses from dog training, gas, food, equipment, website operations and more.  In order to provide a professional service, we must at least cover these cost.

Please visit our FAQ to see answers to some of the common questions about hog control.  Feel free to send us your own.  If you have photos of hogs or hog damage and would like them to be displayed, please email them to us.  If you are interested in hog hunting places please click on the links at the left side of the page.  Many of these will take you to great places to hog hunt.

Golf Course Wild Pig Rooting in Texas.  The feral pigs were tearing this place up.
Feral Pig Rooting East Texas.  On the side of the road in the city limits.
Low Cost Professional Feral Hog Removal
                 & Hog Hunting and Trapping Resources
Picture of my father with 3 Feral Pigs killed in Texas with a 20 gauge and a little help from the dogs.
Two tired dogs after hog hunt.  Rest up because we are going hog hunting tomorrow.
Father with wild hog killed in Texas that is fixing to go  in the ice chest.
Rich with another feral pig in Texas.  Black hog.
Three wild pigs in a tree.  Short term Buzzard and Fire Ant prevention.
Wild hog control near Mason, TX
Couple of milk pigs shot by Rich in Texas.
Rich pig hunting again near Mason, Texas.
Picture of hog tusk from a wild pig hunt in Texas.
East Texas Wild Hog. A little night hunting with the dogs.
Feral Pig in East Texas. Rich and the dogs pig hunting and removing more wild hogs.
South Texas Wild Boar Hunting
Picture of feral hog tusks from a wild boar killed in South Texas by Darrell.
Ben Taking Down a Feral Pig in Texas
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Below are some pictures of wild hogs we have removed from various ranches.  Hog hunting pictures and wild pig damage photos. 

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Pictures  Page Two
6 of the 8 feral pigs we got out of a herd o f 11 in Doss, Texas.
My god...Eat a Salad!!!  My son Adrian with a fat sow in the Hill Country of Texas
Picture of Rich hog hunting in South Texas with big wild hog.
Picture of several wild pigs.  All of them were shot out of a small dense patch of matchstick cedars.  They had such thick cover that they decided to hold their ground.
Dogs cooling off in the water after hunting in the Texas heat.   Also, two new hog dogs in training.
4 Feral Hogs from the Texas Hill Country.  I had the two puppies in training trying to go after the boar's head while the big dogs were bringing him down.  Don't want them to learn their lesson on a pig that size.