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Low Cost Professional Wild Hog Removal
Note:  If you have a wild pig repellent or deterrent that has been proven to work, let us know and we could work together to provide some relief for small acreage landowners.

Our goal at hogstoppers is to help landowners deal with their wild pig problems.  Send us an email for more information.  We know we can't solve everyone's wild hog problem, so we are providing any help we can with hog control.  If not through us then, through someone else.  There are millions of wild pigs in the United States and we aim to provide a service and forum dedicated to help facilitate their removal.  

Our pricing is set low to make effective hog control possible.  We do incur expenses from dog training, gas, food, equipment, website operations and more.  In order to provide a professional service, we must at least cover the cost of expenses.

If you have photos of hogs or hog damage and would like them to be displayed, please email them to us.

Traps or Hog Dogs?

In many cases removing feral pigs with hog dogs has benefits over trapping.  There are many professional wild pig trappers that will set up a large round trap to catch many feral pigs at one time.  Others will attempt to use multiple small box traps that are less effective at removing large numbers of feral pigs.  Although not impossible to trap, large feral pigs are smart and take time to adjust to going into the trap.  The large feral pigs can cause the most damage to fences, landscaping, deer feeders, etc.  Our dogs will find the large resident wild boars and sows with ease.  This is a benefit to the landowner, who's main priority is to stop the damage as soon as possible. 

Another benefit of using hog dogs is that we apply pressure to them that they wouldn't get with a hog trapper.  If the wild pigs are being caught solely by a trap, new ones can continue coming in with no fear of the property.  With up to 4 million feral pigs in Texas and millions more in other states, you can see how important it is to get the word out that your property is not a safe haven.  Feral pigs are extremely smart and do communicate danger to other pigs in the area.

In some cases trapping feral pigs is the only option.  If you only have wild pigs that come through your land on an irregular basis, then it would be a benefit to have a trap waiting for them.  This however is usually not the case for large farms and ranches but can happen on 300 acres or less.  Also if you live in the city limits, then a wild pig trapper would be the best option. 

We have seen that feral pig removal with hog dogs provides  more immediate relief to the landowner, as well as the long term benefits of creating a no-safe zone around your property. However, our main priority is to help you with your wild pig problem and we would be happy to help you contact a trapper in your area free of charge.  Contact us to discuss what might be the best option for you feral pig problem.

Also don't forget to visit our Testimonials page to see what other customers have said about our service.

Professional Versus Enthusiast

Many people wonder why in the world they should pay for feral pig removal, when there are many hog hunting and hog trapping enthusiast that would attempt wild pig removal for little or no charge. 

Typically a hobby hunter or trapper has limited time and resources to devote to your feral pig problems.  This is not to say that they would not love to spend every minute doing what they love to do, but the bills have to be paid and most must hold a full time job and hog hunting or trapping is second to that.  The experienced and successful trapper usually has a full list of landowners waiting for his services.  So finding a good, free trapper or hog dog hunter that is able to take your project on fully, may take trial and error and some effort.

Some might find the right trapper or hunter right away, while others might take months going through hobbyist that can't devote full attention to the project.

We have dedicated much time and money into training our dogs to be the most effective and land friendly hog dogs around.  If you are ready to discuss professional wild pig removal, Contact us to learn more.